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Surveillance, Investigation & Information Sourcing Specialists

CSRI was founded in 2019. All staff are directly employed by CSRI and are experienced and trained Professionals. CSRI management has over 20 years of experience in the Irish Commercial Investigation industry.

Our Clients use CSRI because we ensure our Clients get value for money. We don’t send our agents out to look at front doors. With an emphasis on Results and GDPR, we confirm a Subjects identity and current address prior to commencing Covert Surveillance. Our Clients are assured that the end result we forward to them is usable as evidence.

We put our Clients requirements to the forefront of our Services, complying with GDPR and State Laws and Regulations to ensure our Product is effective and cost worthy to our Client.

Background Research

CSRI background research services can unearth a persons digital footprint by using unique tools and software. This allows our Clients make informed, cost effective decisions.

Covert Surveillance

CSRI provide professional covert surveillance services which will present you with the facts & the truth about a situation to which you require an answer or solution.

Why Choose CSRI?

CSRI is a nationwide provider of Investigation & Surveillance Services to Insurance, Legal & Commercial Firms.

Operating from offices in Dublin, Cork & Galway we offer a Cost Effective Service that delivers results.

A Result driven service gives our Clients the information needed to make informed decisions.






Our Clients include

Insurance Companies | Recruitment Agencies | Blue Chip Firms | Corporate Entities | State Agencies

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