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Covert Surveillance

Covert Surveillance is a choice of our Insurance Company Clients, HR Depts Clients and many of our Commercial Clients.
CSRI are trained and experienced at the art of Covert Surveillance. Following an in-depth Background Check Research, confirming the Subjects current residence and identification of a Subject.

Our highly trained and experienced field employees, covertly observe a Subject as they go about their everyday lives. What sets us apart from our competitors is that we place an emphasis on results, from Research, Reconnaissance and Pre-Deployment Planning, our agents are armed with knowledge of the Subject before starting surveillance.

We don’t just send out people to sit outside front doors for x number of hours, we see what a Subject is doing. We capture a true picture of their everyday life, we put the knowledge our Clients demand, in their hands, to let them make an informed decision on how best to proceed with their particular situation.



Pre-Deployment Planning

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